Community Services



By-Law Enforcement
To ensure that municipal by-laws are enforced.
The Directorate Community Services is one of the Emalahleni Local Municipality’s Directorates which has direct contact with the community, and its main function is to provide community services through the following departments.
The municipality established Security Section with the intention to protect and
save guard Municipal assets and property and enforcement of municipal by-laws,
Governance, and Public Participation Strategies and Sector Plan Status.
The municipality does not have museums, galleries and zoos. However it does have libraries, community facilities like halls, sport facilities and a theatre.
The municipality has seven community halls and they are used for different purposes. Some of the usages of the halls include weddings, church services, community meetings and social gatherings.
The theatre is primarily used to ensure that development, nurturing and promotion of arts and culture in all relevant discipline / genre is upheld and to ensure that development workshops are being held where youth.
Libraries are a role player in the upliftment of the education level in the community. Recently libraries became part of the information. Computers are now familiar systems in the libraries. Libraries are one of the only services that render a free service to all. All levels of the community are targeted. Services are rendered by using mobile libraries and especially containers in the rural areas. Reading is important to all in the community. Even if you are only using a computer, there was a time that you was reading a book to be able to use the new technology e.g. internet
The Traffic Section is mainly focusing to promote road safety and education. The section managed to conduct 24 major roadblocks in conjunction with the SAPS and Mpumalanga provincial Traffic Control.
Through the appointment of 24 points men as Extended Public works Project (EPWP), the section managed to reduce the traffic congestion in eMalahleni and the community managed to reach their destinations without and delays during peak-hours.
Support was also given to the communities living in poverty by donating bicycles to the disadvantaged scholars, the project was initiated by the Mpumalanga Department of Community Safety, Security and Liaison which Shovakalula Project.

  • To increase traffic personnel
  • Acquisition of requisite vehicles
  • Provision of facilities for proper control of informal traders
  • Implementation of controlled parking system
Last modified on 28 Sep 2022