Service Interruptions

Service Interruptions (6)

Electricity supply interruptions in KwaGuqa New Extensions.
The electricity supply to the Kwa Guqa New Extensions is suppled from the main intake substation of 132 kV KwaGuqa substation by means of two main transformers.
On 17 June 2020 it was reported that there is no electrical supply to certain areas in Kwa Guqa New Extensions and the municipal team was despatched to investigate the cause of the problem.
On investigation it was observed that one of the transformers had failed on internal fault which needs further investigation.
Oil samples were taken to the laboratory to check and establish the cause of failure.

The areas of Modelpark, Highveld Park, Blanchville, Jackaroo Park, Die Heuwel and Klarinet Ext 6, 7& 8 has been experiencing water supply challenges due to major repair works done on the bulk water sully lines.
The repairs are underway and expected to be competed by 15:00pm should everything go well whereafter water will be restored.
Communities are expected to start having water supply at about 17:00pm due to system recharge taking time we expect the system to fully recover later in the evening.
Water tankers are being sent to schools, clinics, hospitals and old age homes to avail resources.
The municipality apologizes for the inconvenience caused during the water supply outage.

Issued by: Communications Unit
Emalahleni Local Municipality

11 June 2020

The municipality planned a two day water supply shutdown to undertake critical works on the water supply system.
The Witbank dam pump station was commissioned and switched back on line around 03:30am on 11 June 2020. The water plant was put back on line and pumping resumed with reservoirs picking levels.
The Klarinet Extensions 6,7&8 are still affected as the works are to be finalized otherwise the rest of areas should be supplied.
However individual areas experiencing water challenges should be reported and teams will be sent to investigate and repair.

We therefore urge communities to use water sparingly and all water outlets(taps) be closed during the said period.

Issued by: Communications Unit
Emalahleni Local Municipality

The municipality has received a letter dated 30 March 2020 from the Department of Water and Sanitation about an unavoidable maintenance and repair of a pipe leak at the Jericho water pump station.
The planned outage is for twenty four hours from 01 April 2020 at 07:00am to 02 April 2020 at 07:00am.

According to DWS this repair work could not be postponed to a later date due to the fact that is has been postponed too many times already hence the need to finalize the work.
As a contingent arrangement the municipality will ensure adequate available water in the reservoirs, engage nearby mining companies for water collection should it be required by
tankers and additional tankers will be sourced into the affected areas . Further that the operational hours at the GaNala water treatment works will be extended to make make available surplus water.

The municipality is concerned about this possible water supply interruption at the peak of COVID-19 but as indicated by the Department (DWS) that it is unavoidable.
We therefore urge communities to use water sparingly and all water outlets(taps) should be closed during the said period.

Issued by Emalahleni Local Municipality Communications Unit