IDP Representative and LED Forum Held at the Civic Centre Banquet Hall

In terms of Section 29(b) of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, Act No. 32 of 2000, local community, organs of state and other role players should be identified and consulted on the drafting of the Integrated Development Plan (IDP).

Furthermore, one of the key economic developments enablers includes effective stakeholder mobilization, engagement and management through a vibrant and functional LED Forums as enshrined on White Paper.

The purpose of the event was to table the outcome of the Imbizo’s and allow the private sector to present their commitments to the municipality through their social labour plans (SLP).

Executive Mayor Cllr L.M Mabuza stated that the IDP document is a strategic document for our local municipality that is a working and moving strategy as it is currently being implement.

Satistics South Africa also provided a look into the current state of the city and the service delivery issues that require urgent intervention, the prevalence of crime being one of them. Theft and vandalism has become one of the biggest hinderances towards the delivery of services.

The Executive Mayor continued to delve deeper into the IDP document by looking into areas that address the most critical issues that were raised by communities.

Through this engagement stakeholders are informed about the needs of communities in order for them to address these issues through their SLPs and the required intervention through their companies.

Click on the LINK to find the document the Executive Mayors address.
Communications Unit

The communication is a strategic function. The unit deals with Internal & External Communication, Conducting imbizo Programmes, Media and stakeholder liaison, media production, marketing and branding. The municipality has adopted the communication strategy, which entails the channels and tools of communicating to the stakeholders. These channels and tools are amongst other municipal website, municipal face-book, local print and electronic media.


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