Payments of Municipal Services

The municipality provides variety of payment methods which consumers can use to pay for municipal services and purchase prepaid electricity.

Bank transfers can be done directly  into ABSA  Bank, Account No 1360000091, branch code 509-750. All references on the deposits should be the account number as printed at the bottom of the municipal statements.

Customers with smartphones can use the EasyPay application from the Play Store or App Store to download the app for bill payment and pre-paid services.


Buy electricity and municipal account payments

Buy electricity online



  • Cheques are not acceptable.
  • Should any of the information on the bank deposit slip or electronic transfer be incomplete or incorrect, the transaction will may cause a delay in the allocation to consumer account and the municipality cannot be held liable for allocation delay.
  • Customers using EFT or Online payment must reflect their eight (8) digits account numbers as reference.
  • Payments will be allocated within five (5) working days, provided that all the information on the deposit slip/ electronic transfer is correct.