Stickers for sanitizer bottles with the following specifications:

  • Size of the sticker 10cm X 10cm
  • 70% -98% Alcohol
  • Safety precautions
  • Directions of use
  • Municipal logo

The quotation must be submitted on the letterhead of your business, signed and uploaded on the municipal website: not later than 22 May 2020

Enquiries: O. Mthimkhulu 076 403 5418

Terms and Conditions

  • Price(s) quoted must be valid for at least thirty (30) days from the date of your offer.
  • Prices(s) quoted must be firm and must be inclusive of VAT.
  • A firm delivery period must be indicated.
  • For all transactions the following must be attached:
    • Proof of the paid-up Municipal Rates and Taxes account of the company or its directors.
    • MBD forms
    • CSD Report (Must be registered on the Central Supplier Database (CSD).
    • Scoring Points Certified copy of BBBEE certificate should be attached.
    • Evaluation criteria - The 80/20 PPPFA system for requirements with a Rand from R30 000 to R200 00 (all applicable taxes included).

Failure to comply with these conditions and filling of the declaration form may invalidate your offer.