Notice - Water Supply Interruption

This serves to inform the Community of eMalahleni about the water supply interruptions scheduled as follows from Friday the 26th of January 2024 from 8:00 up to Tuesday the 28th January 2024 due to the prolonged water outages experienced by the residence supplied by Point C reservoir which necessitate the municipality to rationalise water in order to urgently boost the level of Point C reservoir.

The ongoing water deficit of 60 Megalitres per day and the work that was carried out at Point C reservoir has resulted in the system drying out hence the boosting of the system is required to urgently restore the water supply for areas supplied by Point C.  We, therefore, advise the communities and the businesses to fill up the onsite water storage facilities during this period and use water sparingly during the water rationing. Water tankers will only be available in strategic areas such as Schools and Clinics, including hospitals.

Consumers are kindly requested to utilize water sparingly during this time whilst the municipality is trying to stabilize the system. It should be noted that opening times do not necessarily mean water restoration. The municipality hereby apologises for any convinience this will cause. The mainteance work is carried to ensure the water system providers communities with quality drinking water.

Phase 1 of the mainteance works at Point C ha been completed and hence the reservior needs to be commissioned back to service, and the system has to be flushed and recharged.

For any further communication please contact the municipality on the following contact numbers during office hours (013) 690 6911 or (013) 690 6963/6949 or the Call Centre on (013) 690 6222/333/444

Your co-operation and patience are highly appreciated.