Office of the Municipal Manager

MR. S.H MAYISELAMuniciapal


Integrated Development Plan
The development of the municipal development strategy and future plans of the municipality.

The office of the Municipal Manager falls directly under the executive mayor. The head of the office is the Municipal Manager (MM).

However, the MM continues to head the administrative side of the municipality. He is assisted by senior management and leads the management team which is jointly and severally responsible for the municipal administration. The MM is the chief accounting officer of the municipality. He is the head of administration and primarily, has to serve as chief custodian of service delivery and interpretation of political priorities.

The Office of the Municipal Manager is made up of several key units. It is primarily responsible for strategy and policy, strategic research, integrated development planning, performance management and reporting, and high-level co-ordination of municipal oversight, youth development, communication, community participation, internal audit, councillor support and interaction with external stakeholders.

The Units in the Office of the Municipal Manager are as follows:

  1. Integrated Development Plan Unit which is responsible for the facilitation and coordination of the development of the municipal development strategy and future plans of the municipality. The strategic document developed is known as the Integrated Development Plan.
  2. This unit is responsible for all communications in the municipality. It is responsible for internal and external communications. The unit also communicates with the electronic and print media.
  3. Youth Development: This unit is responsible to assist young people to acquire competencies and skills that will assist them in their future. The unit interacts with various youth groups, public and private sector in order to facilitate youth development.
  4. Community participation. This unit works closely with the Speaker and is responsible to ensure that the community participates in the affairs of the municipality. The unit is also responsible for Ward Committees and all the administrative support required. It also provides support to the councillors.
  5. Internal Audit. This Unit is responsible for the internal auditing of the municipality. It prepares reports for the Audit Committee which renders advise to Council.
Last modified on 09 Feb 2023