Communications unit

The communication is a strategic function. The unit deals with Internal & External Communication, Conducting imbizo Programmes, Media and stakeholder liaison, media production, marketing and branding. The municipality has adopted the communication strategy, which entails the channels and tools of communicating to the stakeholders. These channels and tools are amongst other municipal website, municipal face-book, local print and electronic media.

The unit functions are to:
  • enhance communication between the Municipality, both internal and external stakeholders.
  • develop, promote and maintain the good image of Emalahleni Municipality
  • widely communicate Emalahleni strategic objectives, service delivery programmes, achievements and corporate values to the public (internally and externally)
  • improve intergovernmental and interdepartmental relations and coordination.
  • build, maintain, forge links and enhance mutually beneficial relationships with the media across all media channels.
  • educate, the community about the roles, functions and processes of Council and
  • expand Local Municipality’s ‘share of voice’ in the media.
  • educate the people about their rights and obligation, more especially on the kind of quality of services they are entitled to, and understand why they have to pay for these services.
  • To provide feedback about municipal programmes and encourage public participation within local government decision process through effective use of appropriate communication tools and public participation processes.
  • To help improve satisfaction to communities, manage, monitor and report on Local Municipality’s reputation in the media, benchmarking against industry competitors.
  • Position Local Municipality in the media as a unique tourism and investment destination of first choice.
  • Ensuring consistency and frequency of messaging around important issues in the media.
  • Position Local Municipality’s brand strategically in all media activities.
  • Ensure that all stakeholders/customers are aware of our vision and plans for the future and are actively engaged with the Local Municipality brand.
The municipality has call centre, which was established on the 26th April 2017 for the purpose of centralization of communication systems and information to ensure proper coordination of service delivery and rapid and effective response to complaints, to minimize duplication, repetition of information and confusion in reporting and attending to complaints.